The Pub

The main building has a quaint, historic Pub, below ground. It was originally put together by Laurence Rockefeller, Judge Billings, and Thomas Debevoise as their private billiards club and wine cellar. Once upon a time, it became a public tavern. It is now a fully-restored into a private events and cultural center. It has a brand new dance floor with sound equipment, lights and mics. Space and seating for 75 people.

The famous “PUB”, while the town is waiting is available with infinite possibilities including: a inside 50-seat eatery, a farm-to-table market/business, a bakery, a catering biz, an art-collective, a live-music venue, and/or a take-out service for students & locals. Outdoor seating could accommodate 24+ people.

This beautiful Berg of 2200 (not including the VLS community of 650+) is a vibrant growing town callingĀ for a Bread bakery, Cafe wine bar and/or special Tea & dessert night life place!

Short term/Weekend rentals start at $250/session.

Weeknights are $175/session.
Teacher/student/tenant discounts applicable.
Dishes and glassware rental is extra.

Rules of the tavern:

Carry out what you carry in.
Replace paper goods used.
Leave all as clean as you found it.

Don’t be surprised if you hear soulful, lively sounds of jazz, blues & dance tunes permeating through the walls of this tiny, inviting, sophisticated gathering place.